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Here's what clients have to say 

I was having trouble with my young dog chasing deer, which is a real problem in this area as there are so many!
I rang The Canine Academy who came round and were a great help. We took Mymble out and they gave me lots of tips to work with, and I also joined one of their obedience classes. The classes are great fun both for the dogs and their owners and I can really recommend them.
Within a very short time my dog moved up to the level of obedience class and as a result of all the training I am much more confident with her.
She hardly ever chases deer now, but if she does, I call her and she comes back immediately. She is extremely happy when I praise her for being good!
I am so grateful to The Canine Academy.

Penny & Mymble

I knew very little about how to treat a rescue dog and particularly one so lively as a young English Springer Spaniel who was most likely been trained to the gun.
 I have found Sue’s approach and instruction invaluable in my understanding and behaviour. I particularly like the approach of trying to understand how a dog can learn and what it needs to understand commands and how to put them in a way that it is attractive to them to obey – rather than trying to use brute force!. …most of this was not obvious to me.  

Despite an absolute genetic (and possibly trained) desire to flush out Purdy is coming along very well and is really listening to me now and after almost 3 months I am getting more and more confident that she will come back to me on command once she has had her run and unless she is TOO excited she is so much better on the lead. As Sue says it is early days and as long as I am consistent I am seeing improvements almost daily.      

Philippa Keeling                                                                          


Thank you for all your support with training Meg, we have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I know Meg has. Your classes have been invaluable in guiding us as to how to train a dog properly and given us the confidence to continue to use the methods that you have shown us.
Thank you so much to both of you for all your patience and hard work, and yet making it such fun too.
Nicky Taylor, John Collier and Meg

Training has been fun for all of us, both dogs and handlers.


For us (but probably not for you) the small classes are a real bonus.


Hardy and Sue have done some of the Good Citizen Tests in the past and found them a very useful target/gauge of progress.


We drive 13 miles, past the venues of several other dog training classes to get to Swanage and think it well worth while


Sue & Jerry BLAND               

Puzzle & Hardy




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